1. These pictures are from this amv:http://yoccu.tumblr.com/post/30302024799

    But can we just appreciate the details. These pic´s are of the blood the trolls have on there hands. Equius who have a little brown on his hands from when he made Taurus robo legs, an olivegreen on his chest like small fingers dragging over it and blue mixed with purple at his neck. His OWN BLOOD AND HIS KILLER.

    The blood is both who they have hurt and who have hurt THEM.

    Feferi. FEFERI. She has no blood on her hands !!!!!!!!!

    (Source: opspind)

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    Feferi does, however, have a bit of Kanaya’s blood on her shoulder/neck & Sollux’s on her mouth & eyes. Maybe it’s more...
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